How to open existing items in OneDrive using Formotus


You can open existing draft items from OneDrive by adding the correct syntax to a Formotus form link.  This allows you to edit or complete a Formotus form draft that is stored in OneDrive.  You can either use Formotus Pro or Formotus Now depending on your scenario and requirements. 

It is a best practice to first complete creating your Formotus form before continuing since it must have the ability to submit. Another requirement is to create a OneDrive folder where you can upload the XML data from your Formotus forms, is required. [My example folder is named XML].


Each time someone clicks on a Formotus link to open your Formotus form, one Formotus app-click is consumed.  [You can read more about how to manage Formotus links here].


Step 1. You will need configure the form to submit the XML data that is in your form to some destination before you can go to Step 2. Please be sure to verify that your Formotus form submits to somewhere, at a minimum it must submit by email.   To do this, go to the Forms page, select your form (checkbox), and notice the options that appear in the right pane.  One of these options is the configuration wheel; select this to advance to the Settings page.  Under Email attachments, select the Xml checkbox to ensure your receive the email when submitting your form.  After selecting the SAVE button, your form will need an update on your mobile device.

Step 2. Upload the form Xml to OneDrive.  Submit a form draft to your email to receive the Xml.  Save the Xml and upload it to your OneDrive folder.

Step 3. Create a Formotus Now link.  Got to the Links page and find/click on your form.  Select COPY LINK and paste it somewhere to edit the link. Your original link will look something like this:

Step 4. Complete link depending on your scenario.  You can either use Formotus Pro or Formotus Now, and you can also choose whether or not you’d like the link to be public or private.  Each case will be described below.  Selecting the link will take the existing item in OneDrive, and open it in the corresponding Formotus app.  All of the data that was previously entered will appear in the draft and you can resubmit it to your data destination.


Private Link:

There are two changes that need to be made to your link.  First, change ‘new’ to ‘open’.  Then manually enter the following text at the end of your link: &oneDrivePath=/XML/InspectionXML.xml This means you are following the Path to your item in OneDrive (Files>XML>inspectionXML). See example link below


Public Link:

Similar to a private link, change ‘new’ to ‘open’ within the link.  Then manually enter the following text at the end of your link: &oneDriveId= Your link will now look something like this example:

Next, select the XML in OneDrive so a blue check appears and select the ‘i’ for more information to appear.



Select Manage access to get a public syntax that you will add to your link.


Public syntax example:!AlVl35K6CneuagFiufYkhExg6c0


Copy the public syntax after /u/ (s!AlVl35K6CneuagFiufYkhExg6c0) and paste it at the end of your link!AlVl35K6CneuagFiufYkhExg6c0


*Note: You must have the form installed on your device for this to work with the Formotus Pro app.  If you are using an Android or iOS device, log into the Formotus Pro app and install the form before selecting a link.

Follow the same directions as for the Formotus Now app above, except replace Now with Pro; see example:





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