How to add a Header/Footer to your Formotus form PDF


You can add a PDF Header and/or Footer to your Formotus creator forms.  By default, there is a Footer with the form name and timestamp, you can customize the Footer to your preference.

It is recommended that you complete your form before adding a PDF page.  That way, you can add an entire page to your PDF and modify it.  One way to customize your PDF is to add a Header and Footer to provide additional information when submitting.


Step 1.  Add a PDF page to your form by selecting the blue PDF button.

Step 2. Select what data you want to show in your PDF.  At the PDF page, select the PDF dropdown to reveal your available pages. After you select the page(s) you’d like to include in your PDF, select the ADD button.  All of the controls within the pages you selected will appear in your PDF.  You can move or delete controls to further customize your PDF page.

Step 3.  To add your Header and/or Footer, advance to Settings>General in the right pane to find the PDF Header/Footer Template checkboxes.

Step 4.  Select one or both of the checkboxes and add your text into the space available.  In my example, I will name my Header “Inspection Form Header”. After you are finished customizing your Header/Footer, select the APPLY button and SAVE & PUBLISH your form to save your changes.

Step 5.  When you submit your form to your data destination, the Header/Footer will show in their appropriate place.  In my example below you can see the Header at the top of the PDF, 'Inspection Form Header'.

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