How to use Connectivity Status feature


The Formotus Connectivity Status feature can hide controls when a mobile device goes offline.  The process of adding this to your form is different for Formotus Creator forms and InfoPath forms; the two options are described below.

How to use the Connectivity Status Control


Step 1. In your Creator form, select the control you'd like to hide if the mobile device goes offline.  The Properties of the control will appear in the left panel of the screen.  

Step 2. Select Logic

Step 3. Select NEW RULE

Step 4. Under Condition, skip the insert field dropdown; instead expand the second dropdown, and select device is offline.

Step 5. Under Action, select Hide this control and SAVE the wizard.  With this rule applied, the control will now hide if the device is offline.  Reminder: Be sure to always Save & Publish your form after making changes to see the update on your device.




Attached to this article is the Connectivity Status control XTP.  First download the control and save it in an easy to find place.  Once the control is saved, open InfoPath Designer.  

Step 1. Looking at the Controls in InfoPath Designer, select the downward arrow to the right to expand the controls.

Step 2. Select Add or Remove Custom Controls

Step 3. Select Add...

Step 4. Browse for the Connectivity Status control you saved.  Once you Finish and complete the wizard, select OK and it will be available in your list of controls.

Step 5.  Simply add the Connectivity Status control and nest controls within it as thought it was a Section control.  When the form has been uploaded and deployed to your device, anything within the Connectivity Status control will hide if the device goes offline.  Once you regain connectivity, they will reappear.  Below is an InfoPath example of how a textbox would look while nested within a Connectivity Status control.

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