How to submit multiple items to a SharePoint list


Using a Repeating Section control in the Formotus Creator, you have the ability to submit multiple items to a SharePoint list at one time.  


Step 1. First, you must have a SharePoint list ready in SharePoint.  You will need the URL of this list, which should end in: /AllItems.aspx.  Also required in your SharePoint list are columns.  Create the columns in your list where you want to submit the data.

Step 2.  To submit multiple items to a SharePoint list, your Formotus Creator form will require a Repeating Section control found under Advanced controls.  

A Repeating Section control will nest other controls and enable you to add rows of data in your form. Add controls in your Repating section by selecting the + Click here to add controls button.  In my example, I will nest a textbox control and a dropdown control within the repeating section.  I will set up my Data Destination so that my SharePoint list can receive multiple rows of data from these two controls.

Step 3. In the right panel of the Formotus Creator, select the +Data Destination button. 

In the popup window, select SharePoint List and NEXT.

Step 4. In the data destination wizard, fill out the following information to connect your form to your list.

Name: You can create any name you like for this data connection.

SharePoint URL: Paste your SharePoint List URL here; it should end in /Allitems.aspx.

Authentication: There are 2 authentication methods to select from Standard or Custom. Choosing Standard authentication requires you to add the credentials for your SharePoint server.  Custom authentication does not require any credentials.  However, if you choose this setting, it requires that the Federated Login option needs to be activated on your SharePoint account. (Learn more about Standard and Custom SharePoint authentication.)

CONNECT: Enter your SharePoint credentials that have access to the specified SharePoint library and select CONNECT. This connects you to your SharePoint library, allowing you to select the desired library in the Select library dropdown.

Select list: After you've connected to SharePoint, select the list you want to submit to in this dropdown.

Attach credentials: Attaching user credentials (learn how to attach credentials here) in your form eliminates the need for mobile users to enter SharePoint credentials on their device. The credentials are encrypted in the Formotus mobile form, so none of your mobile users will be able to see what the credentials are.

Use this destination to submit from device menu: Checking this box will allow mobile users to submit to this data destination from the Formotus mobile client software on the users' device (Android, iOs, Windows) menu. [Note:  Although, users can submit forms from the Formotus mobile app's device menu, Formotus strongly recommends including a Submit button in all forms to improve usability for your mobile users.]

What happens to the form after submit: Select what action you’d prefer after the form has been submitted off a mobile device. Submitted form options include; CloseKeep Open or Open New.  Typically, you would keep Close selected.  This dropdown will be read-only unless the checkbox Use this destination to submit from device menu is selected.

Insert Multiple Items: This checkbox must be selected for this scenario to work.  In the dropdown, a list of your Repeating Section controls will appear.  Select the Repeating Section that nests the fields you'd like to submit to your list.  Next, link the Field Name of the control nested within your Repeating Section with the corresponding SharePoint Column.  

Once finished, select DONE and be sure to Save & Publish your form for your updates to show on your mobile device.  Also, you may want to add a Submit button to your form and link this data destination to easily submit your drafts.

Step 5. Log in to your mobile device and install your form.  Enter values for the fields nested within your repeating section, and add rows with more data if you like.  Submit your form and refresh your SharePoint list to see the values appear in the their columns. Below is the form on my device; 2 rows of my Repeating Section with values entered.

Shown here is my SharePoint list with the data I entered on my device.  One submit added multiple rows into my SharePoint list.

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