How to submit PDFs to a SharePoint library


You have the option to submit a PDF version of your form to a SharePoint library.  This can be done with Formotus creator forms or InfoPath forms.  This allows you to organize your PDFs to all be in the same location making it them easy to manage.


Before you begin, you must have two SharePoint libraries; one for your form/XML submit and one for your PDFs.  To create a SharePoint library, select Site Contents and add an app, then choose Document Library and give it a name.  Once you have your two libraries, you are ready to configure your form to submit. 

In your forms list, select your form to show the options in the right panel and select the configuration wheel.

On the configuration page, select the Upload PDF checkbox and enter the URL to your PDF SharePoint page.  After entering the URL, select SAVE and your form is ready.

Since you have changed the configuration of the form, your form will need to be updated on your device.  To do so, submit or delete any available drafts and Install Update

Now when you submit your form, you will have a new instance at your original SharePoint location, and the PDF in your SharePoint PDF site.  Below is an example SharePoint site that stores PDFs.

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