How to add columns to a Repeating Section control


Repeating Section controls can be customized as a grid to better fit your form.  You can size the columns within your repeating section depending on how you want your form to look.  For example, you may want a smaller column for a checkbox than you do for a textbox.


First, add a Repeating Section into your form and figure out how many columns of controls you’d like in your form, 1, 2, or 3. 

To increase the number of columns in your repeating section control, select the control to view it’s properties.  In the left panel select MORE OPTIONS button to modify your repeating section.

Shown below are the options to customize your Repeating Section control.  You can either use Percentages or Pixels to size the width of your columns. This may take some trial and error to get your columns different than default sizes.

Width Control: This is the width of the control on the device.  If you change this value, it will only show on your device, not in the Formotus form creator.  Keep in mind that if you plan to have multiple columns in your repeating section, decreasing from 100% is not recommended.  Mobile devices can be small, so decreasing the width of the control may affect usability.  If you decide to use Pixels for the Width of the repeating section, it might take some adjustments to get the right fit on your device.  For example, if using an iPhone the full width would be around 500 pixels, when an iPad would be around 1000 pixels.  

Columns: Choose the number of desired columns within your repeating section.  If you plan to have controls side by side, you can add up to 3 columns.  I chose 2 columns for my example; if I chose 1, the second column would disappear.

Column 1/2/3: Depending on the number of columns you add, you will be able to specify the size of each.  This size is the width of the column within your repeating section.  You can adjust the column sizes after adding controls as well. 

Once your columns are set up, you can add controls to your repeating section.

You can nest controls by selecting on the Repeating Section control and + Click here to add controls

When the control popup appears, select your desired control and it will appear nested within your repeating section in the appropriate column. 

After adding controls, you can continue to modify the columns of your repeating section to better fit the controls you’ve added for the device you’re using.

Below is how this setup looks with both columns at Auto on an Android tablet.  

Below shows an example of the Name control column set to 30% and the Date column Auto.

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    Julio Montiel Silva

    Very nice tutorial to startup users like me on the way to form building.

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