How to check devices for drafts


Within the Formotus portal, you can view the drafts and outbox items your users have on their devices.  This helps administrators keep track of their field workers and work in progress.  Accessing the Formotus portal is only possible by administrators, not mobile users.


Before checking report: To see user activity, their device must be active.  This means, the device must be open to the Formotus Pro app for the data to be fetched.

Once you've assured the device is open to Formotus Pro, log into the Formotus portal and advance to the Users page and select # Registered devices.


In the next popup, you will see a list of devices under Device Name. Select the name of the device that is open and ready to be checked.


Once a device name is selected, another popup will appear.  You may need to wait about a minute for the report to appear, which will include a list of your drafts, outbox items, and full report.  In the report below, you will notice there are 2 drafts and one outbox item on the device.


Note: To refresh the device report, you must close the popups and reselect the device to see the new data.


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